Am I fit? Yes…But no!

This blog has been a chronicle of my journey from kook surfer to a beginner surfer on the cusp of becoming a beginner-intermediate. It has gone from when my disorder was loud and affecting my everyday life to now when it only pops … Continue reading


Become a positive influence in someone’s life. Smile at them, help them when they fall and listen to their words when others just walk by with deafness. Tell people to have a good day – it will happen by osmosis. … Continue reading

Push it; push it good

Challenging yourself is a lot fun. I like to always try new things and see how I can incorporate new activities into my work-outs so that my body doesn’t just become ho-hum with whatever we’re doing…or I’m doing…Pardon the disassociation … Continue reading

Running fitness is (yet again) spoiled…

I’ve been sentenced to time out of the water again, this time with a bad case of sinusitis. Snorting in nostril-fuls of icy water probably isn’t a wise idea but I really miss being in the ocean. It’s been a week and I’m going a little crazy.

My face feels like it’s been slapped by a dolphin and my chest feels like my horse has sat on it!

I was getting really good at my breathing with running a couple of times a week, so I’m so disappointed that (yet again) my running fitness has been spoiled. It’s taken me a week to feel up to sit up at my computer and type this. I’m hoping it’s a sign I am on the mend. I admit that I pushed myself a little too hard. I was exercising through the initial stages and now my body is weak and fighting against me.

What are some ways you can suggest to maintain fitness even though breathing is a little difficult? I’ve been doing V sit-ups and squats, but the only running I’ve been doing is to the toilet to paint the restroom in vomit. (Sorry for that image by the way…) I had a hell of a fever for a few days and it made me rather ill.

Are there any tips or home remedies you know of that I can use to get better quicker so I can back into the water?

Wave runner

Jess Tuckman

Jess Tuckman, by Checkered Photography

When there is no surf, we need to keep our fitness levels up for when the decent swell does come, and if you’re like me, you’ll get bored if you don’t burn off your excess energy. Running is an accessible and simple solution (although it just isn’t as exciting as surfing). I find that if I just run at one pace for a few miles then it is boring and not really that beneficial. When you surf you are working your body at different rates depending on what you are doing. If you are just paddling around in between sets, you are not going to be working as hard as if you would be if you were paddling for a wave. When you run, alter your speed and also try to plan a route that has flat, uphill and downhill. As well as working your body at low- and high-intensity you will also be using muscles differently.

I don’t get as bored by this type of run and to spice it up a bit more you could also add in some press-ups, sit-ups, squats or any other exercises at different points in your route.
Happy surfing x.

Jess Tuckman is a surfer from Cornwall in England. She began surfing five years ago and regularly competes in UKPSA.