A moment of selfishness can make you more selfless

Today was my last opportunity until after Christmas to go surfing. Unfortunately, my opportunity dissipated like the waves on a calm sea. I’ve been a bit down lately so I was really looking forward to hitting the water. When I … Continue reading


Become a positive influence in someone’s life. Smile at them, help them when they fall and listen to their words when others just walk by with deafness. Tell people to have a good day – it will happen by osmosis. … Continue reading


Everything is so much clearer behind that curtain of water vapour. You can take a split second to re-evaluate your motives and how you’ve reacted to some things in your life. Just for a moment, you’re weightless. You’re inside a hollow where there is air and life, before it’s closed off with tears that blind you.

You can see that it’s a close-out. Most of the time, you’ll try and steer left or right to avoid the dumping. You can’t see that behind that waterfall, there is a kind of peace in the sound…where serenity and clarity can be found.





Did you know that heaven is a broad blue sky that reaches its fingers down to touch the velvet blue ocean?

I love the beach. The beach is where I go to nut out any problems I’m having; to think my life over and try to become a better, more well-rounded individual.

I am addicted to burying my digits into the cool sand and embracing both the sun and the cold wind on my face.

The beach is heaven.