Body fat percentage: officially in the ‘fit’ range

I have been pretty quiet on the blog lately. I could blame my Academic workload. I could blame my equestrian endeavours and its competitions. However, I am an honest person and I’ll tell you the truth. I simply haven’t been … Continue reading

Goals for mid-semester break

I’m looking forward to mid-semester break. I’ll have time to feel like myself again and really focus on the good things in my life without the constant stress and pressure of deadlines and due dates.


1. Finish the overhaul of Saving Sanne. It needs to be sent to the publisher already! This has got to be the fourth draft. One day I will have it perfect…or I’ll get so sick of re-writing it that I will actually submit it.

2. Try and set records for binge-free days. My record is 12 days, though I was only eating between 50 – 300 calories a day so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count because that would be the “Anorexic tendencies” I’m prone to. Unfortunately, my binge-free streak currently stands at 0; this means that my eating disorder is controlling me, not the other way around. Not cool.

3. Ride my horse (weather pending; thank you very much Melbourne winter) 5 times a week.

4. SURF (Of course!) 3 times a week at various surf breaks.

I’ll keep this blog updated on my goals and I’ll share how I’m going. No matter how sore, no matter how tired, no matter how SCARED: I will achieve some of these goals.