An Open Wave

My time is about to get a whole lot sweeter. My days will be finally be open for surfing after next week.

My dad is retiring so I won’t be working every morning with that job. I am over the moon. I’ve been working two jobs the last few months and to say I’ve had enough is an understatement. I believe the exhaustion and lack of “me” time has a lot to do with my relapse and bad body image. I will still be working at the riding school – did I tell you? I’m a horse riding teacher at a children’s riding school; yay! – a couple of times a week, but the mornings will now be an open opportunity to escape the world of land and tread into the open scape of waves.

I feel myself becoming calmer and happier at the mere anticipation…


3 thoughts on “An Open Wave

      • We have been having a lot of surf lately here but something makes me miss it…an unscheduled appointment, a work issue… Then like yesterday, I drive to the other coast to stay at my sisters house and the swell never shows up like it was promised. So instead of good surf…it is me and 5 desperate souls playing kamikaze in a wonky shorebreak. That has been my last 4 years…Moving forward but just…off. But as I said…working on it! It will change.

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