Level and calm


I went back to South coast NSW because I loved it so much when I visited in June. I spent all my time in the water, on the water, looking at the water…yeah, you guessed it. I was in paradise.

I went for a run at sunrise Tuesday morning. I got back to our apartment and showered, actually taking the time to brush my hair (a rare occurance). I marvelled at how toned my thighs were looking with my recent workout routine (I will post it for you, I promise). I felt pretty happy.

The boyfriend got out of bed and said he wanted to go out to breakfast. I eyed off my banana and accompanying ingredients of my breakfast smoothie and hesitated, but then agreed. This trip I was not going to let my ED control me like it (ashamedly) did back in June. I would agree to eat out and stress less. No worries, mate. I walked along the street to the café, chatting my boyfriend’s ear off about how the beach looked that morning. “It was flat. I don’t think it’ll pick up today so maybe we can go stand-up paddleboarding and I’ll try to get a surf tomorrow” kind of stuff. Natter natter natter. He calls himself my captive audience.

This morning, he leans towards the beach. A slight detour. “I want to go look at the beach.”

I could say, “Oh come on. I’m hungry. I was just AT the beach.” – But of course, I’ll always go to the beach.

There’s a golden retriever playing nearby. Her name is Lacey. We met her as a 10-week old puppy back in June. Now she’s a gangly “teenager”. I recognise her instantly. I’m distracted watching the water and watching her play in it. The boyfriend is hyperventilating, trembling and his lips are turning blue. He proposes. I laughingly accept. It’s strange that he got so nervous about it, really. We’ve been together since 2007. He knew the answer would be yes. But I understood anyway. I get nervous about things I enjoy – surfing is the main one. I also get nervous about one element of the sport I compete in (eventing – and it’s show jumping I quake at). I guess nerves just show where our passion is.

So I’m now an engaged little kook. Here’s to the next stage in my life!


One thought on “Level and calm

  1. Congrats!

    At least it went better than what happened with me.

    I flew to Brazil and went to her house. Once I arrived, I had to freshen up from the looooong flight so I went to the dunny. During this time, my other half knew I brought some things for her so why not open the suitcase and dig around.

    When I came out, she had the ring on her finger and said…This looks great! We were engaged.

    A bit lackluster but she accepted. I guess that is all that counts.

    Have a good week!

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