Great news

I have great news. I went to the doctor and finally got my ear checked out. I was worried about possibly developing surfer’s ear because my surfs are excruciating in this winter wind. Actually…if I am completely honest, it even hurt in summer if it was onshore.

The good news is there is no surfer’s ear! It is merely a pesky lingering ear infection that pains me in the cold wind and cold sea. I’m very relieved that this can be treated. The doctor told me it’s been there a while. Oops. Surfers, especially us cold-water surfers, have to really look after our ears.

Staying away from the waves hurts but at least this time it is only temporary. I’ll be back in the sea as soon as the infection goes away. I’m looking forward to painless surfing in the future!


2 thoughts on “Great news

  1. That’s great news as surfers ear is nasty. Hope you will be back in the water soon and the infection clears up quickly 🙂

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