Body fat percentage: officially in the ‘fit’ range

I have been pretty quiet on the blog lately. I could blame my Academic workload. I could blame my equestrian endeavours and its competitions. However, I am an honest person and I’ll tell you the truth. I simply haven’t been surfing very much. Once a fortnight at the moment – trying to get it once a week but I’ve been given flat surf when I do try and squeeze in that extra surf.

It’s coming into winter now and I plan to give my horse Montana a month off since we’ve been crazily competing almost every weekend. I definitely plan to get surfing then. For now, I guess I’ll try and surf as much as I can…Although, again, I must be honest…I’m getting a new horse tomorrow so at sunrise I’ll be riding Montana and then going to school, then riding Timmy (the new horse) at sunset. Surfing may just have to take a back seat (yet again).

I’ve been trying my hardest to stay fit despite struggling with Bulimia (still). I’ve been running again and my hamstring has been holding up. It was painful for a few days this week but riding my horse seems to knuckle out all the jams after a while. I’ve been training at least twice a week. (I still hate burpees.)

The eating disorder messes with me and I vow to not binge…and then the eating disorder wins and I binge. It’s resulted in a weight gain of about 6 kilograms. But as I said, I’ve been training and trying to keep my brain active in other ways. I re-did my body fat percentage the other day and I am officially in the “fitness” range. That is definitely a non-scale victory. Those 5-6 kilograms are more likely to be muscle than fat so it’s helped ease the mental torment that comes with this awful thing.

So there is my bad news, good news. I can’t surf as much as I like, but I’m getting fitter and fitter.

FINALLY, I am in the fitness range of the body fat percentage - no longer average.

FINALLY, I am in the fitness range of the body fat percentage – no longer average.


2 thoughts on “Body fat percentage: officially in the ‘fit’ range

  1. You have so much to be proud of! I think at this time of year everybody fits into the “don’t surf as much as they would like” category! Keep on keeping on, your journey is the bomb!

  2. The last few years for me have been about as peaceful as the Titanic capsizing so surfing at times seems like a far off dream. Sometimes I think posts are more about reminding myself who I was and what I was capable of achieving than helping others.

    But I have always thought of life like the ocean. Never static. Always changing. One day it is flat. The next day it is fun and then the sea turns angry and everything is blown out. I guess climate change has brought with it a few years of constant storms…So I am waiting for the wind to drop!

    As for you…be proud! You have come a long way! The ocean will wait for you too.

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