After-school fun?

I’m currently doing my placement in a high school. Yes, I want to be a teacher. No, I don’t want to teach high school. My degree covers from prep/foundation (year level 0) all the way to year twelve (final year) so it was inevitable that I do some time at a high school. It’s working out well so far. It is VERY different from the primary setting and I feel like I’m surfing on a single fin with a bit of chop, but I am surfing.

My favourite thing about doing my placement at a high school is that I am fifteen minutes away from a surf beach. A beginner friendly surf beach. (Oooh yay. Can you see me clapping my hands together with joy?)

So far, I’ve had no luck. I’ve arrived at the spot three times.

First time: Horrendous weather. Waves get big. I watched other surfers bail the car park and said, ‘meeeep; not going out by myself since I don’t know the spot’.

Second time: Tide comes in. Waves get fat. I paddled for an hour and a half and didn’t catch a single fat lump of water.

Third time: I punch the air. It’s a nice day. I’m out at 3:05pm instead of 4:45pm (half an hour before dark). Car park is empty. Oh no, I mutter. I look out over the balcony. 1 foot and fat, high tide again. I trudge back to my truck and vow to get a good wave next week!

Next week, I will have that wave. I don’t care if it’s flat, fat or big – I am paddling out!


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