Is there such thing as gym phobia?

It’s interesting that I can surf in a bikini, ride in horse competitions, get on a plane and travel somewhere solo, act on stage, teach classrooms brimming with students but the second I walk into a gym, I start to have a panic attack. I really thought gyms may not be intimidating when you’re no longer fat but I haven’t panicked that much in a long time. I ended up sitting outside in the freezing wind and rain because it was preferable to the gym environment. Nope. Not my thing. I’ll avoid gyms for the rest of my life I think…


3 thoughts on “Is there such thing as gym phobia?

  1. You know what…you really do not need the gym at all. I peeked at your Instagram page and saw your workouts. Why bother with the confusing equipment and people with superior attitudes? Your body has changed? You are surfing better? Since the answer to these are both a big yes; we can figure your program is working. So just stick to that!

    How is the new board coming along? Like it a lot better?

    • Thanks Steve. I much prefer working out anywhere but a gym. I wish I had more of a chance to surf though! I’ve only been getting out once a week. The new board is GREAT. The only thing I struggle with is getting onto really little waves when the tide gets a bit high. I was out with a friend the other day and was not catching ANYTHING aaargh haha. I will be surfing much more in the winter.

  2. I’ve always seen the gym as something incredibly tedious, and it always made me feel like I was just exercising for the sake of exercising/punishing my body for not being thin. Although I do enjoy Bodypump classes (which are held at my community centre, so not officially a gym) because it’s a great weight training and cardio workout with awesome music. Hiking and being outdoors have always been my best bet at getting exercise, and they do say that the best exercise program is one that you will stick with. SO I wholeheartedly agree with Steve above, and encourage you to enjoy your fitness outside of the gym. Life is for living, why not enjoy the beautiful world while getting your heart rate up!

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