I love my new surfboard because it’s fun, fast, sexy and mine. I also love my new surfboard because it will teach me a lot more. My journey continues! I have a whole new world of surfing to be introduced to, such as duck-diving.

There are so many awesome videos and movies that show us how to duck-dive so I sat down and watched a few. They all recommend a board shorter than 6’4 – Uh oh, because my new board is 6’6. It isn’t, however, as buoyant as most 6’6 boards, so I have that working in my favour.

Before I even attempt to duck-dive out in the ocean (it does punch through walls nicely so I was curious to see if it was possible), I want to master in the pool. Once I’ve mastered it in the pool, I want to nail it at the bay. Once I’ve nailed it in the bay, I will perfect it in the ocean.

So I took my board out to the pool, and tried duck-diving it. I had my boyfriend film me on my waterproof camera so I could correct any issues. And boy, there were a lot. The first (and probably most major) thing I noticed on the playback was this:


Do you see anything wrong with what I am doing? I do. If a wave was rolling over me – I would be flung backwards…but my board probably wouldn’t be. I have far too much space between my body and my board. I need to get my chest closer to the board – which actually sinks an acceptable level down under the water (at least that’s what I think – enough for the waves I surf anyway).

So I tried it again.


I could probably go deeper but that will come with practice.

I like to call this “duckling-diving” because I’m a clumsy learner! Practice will most certainly make perfect.


2 thoughts on “Duckling-diving

  1. I get a bit lazy around here because the waves are not to serious but when it is big; I go into Hawaii mode. First you have to really paddle hard to the whitewater and duck early enough that the wave is passing over you. I also stand on the tail, not using my knee. That really gets you deep.

    Keep practicing!

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