Meet Blue



Everybody, meet Blue. My new board arrived and I picked it up Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the surf was flat so I had nowhere to ride it! So I planned to take it out this evening – what do you know, a huge shift in the weather and we’re left with a storm and strong onshore winds. (D’oh!) I’ll have to take it out tomorrow morning at sunrise. It’s just killing me having this board to try and no surf to ride it in!

If you’re wondering, Blue‘s stats are:

Brand: Trigger Brothers
Model: Like a Boss
Length: 6’6″
Width: 20.3 inches
Ideal wave size: 2 – 4.5ft.

According to the shaper, it will take me a bit to get used to (it apparently turns like a performance board; hello impending digging in of rails haha) but once I get the feel, my surfing progress will motor on.

Here’s to the next part of my journey as a surfer!


4 thoughts on “Meet Blue

    • Excellent! It means a lot that you approve. The Trigger brothers modelled it upon one of their older models “The Boss”. They shaped it to suit powerful small waves that they rode up in Noosa. I had to wait TWO days to paddle out on it. My goodness; it was like torture! I got to surf it twice today (morning & afternoon) and I’m absolutely stoked with it!

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