Where is summer?

I looked at the weather report last night. South-west wind, 25-45 km/h. Crap. And I was going surfing. I am officially mad at summer. It’s 15 degrees and howling onshore. Where is the 40 degree weather and offshore wind?

I arrived at my break at sunrise. Oooh, pretty. But the waves weren’t so pretty. They weren’t even waves. It was chop. As expected.

I made the treacherous trek down the stairs (the wind trying to catapult my board into the air) and paddled straight out. The water was like a heaving and churning whirlpool. White-water was all that was on offer. Wow my surfing is progressing so much – not.

After I caught one wave, my ear started hurting. (I still have sinus issues.) The onshore wind was so cold that it was giving me an earache after ten minutes. I grit my teeth and resolved to catch five. By wave three, I was clutching my ear and accepting the fact that it was no good. I gave up. Half an hour surf is, however, better than no surf!

What a mess. Where is summer?

What a mess. Where is summer?


3 thoughts on “Where is summer?

  1. When it is warm out, chop is not so bad. But in the winter…uggghh!! It gets really bad here. A duck diving frenzy trying to make it out the back. Nothing resembling a channel either.

    Well, hope you get some offshores here at some point!

  2. Always better than the weather in Holland! I always wear ear plugs there, important to protect your ears from the cold, the wind and the water! 🙂 Even if it’s summer… 😉

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