Surfboard for sale


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2 thoughts on “Surfboard for sale

    • Yep. Check out my blog post about it:
      I hope I’m not just rushing myself, but I feel more confident on a shorter board. I’m actually going longer and thicker than the NSP fun board; however it’s more of a performance style for small waves (1-4ft) (because I’m still too chicken to go bigger). The shaper (Paul Trigger) said at this point, I am better off sticking to the performance style and getting away from the Minimal. He wanted me to go SHORTER but I am not delusional about my ability whatsoever. I think if I go too short too soon I will stuff up my surfing FOR LIFE haha. So I’ve gone a bit bigger than the 6’4 funboard and gone for a board that is (apparently) right up my alley. I will miss my Minimal 😥

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