A moment of selfishness can make you more selfless

Today was my last opportunity until after Christmas to go surfing. Unfortunately, my opportunity dissipated like the waves on a calm sea. I’ve been a bit down lately so I was really looking forward to hitting the water. When I was told my plans would have to be put off, I admit it…I broke down and cried from disappointment.

Christmas time is not pleasant when the thing you find the most joy in is unreachable. I can’t wait for it to be over so I can surf again. For now, I’ll settle for bringing joy to others. So I’ll mop up these disgraceful selfish tears and do something good for others. There will definitely be chocolate goodies involved. I don’t know what it is about being stuck in a moment of selfishness that reminds me that I have it pretty good. I think it’s my inner-critic snapping at me ‘suck it up sook’ that does it. It makes me reflect upon ways to be a better person and not whine so much, so I do believe that we do all have that moment of selfishness but it can make us more selfless.

Here’s a little list of things to do to see others smile:

  • Smile at them; ask them about their day; compliment something about them
  • Buy somebody a coffee/tea – or just make them one
  • Offer to pay for somebody’s gas or petrol next time you’re at the service station
  • Tell someone (a stranger if possible) that they are beautiful or let them know they’re doing a good job at something
  • Bake some treats and share them with your neighbours (why does a wagon need to be a welcome wagon?)
  • If somebody is running late, get something ready for them (my friend recently went and caught my horse from his paddock while I was setting up a show jumping course; I really, really appreciated it)
  • When you pack your lunch or snack for work or school, pack extra and share it with your co-workers/peers
  • Send a friend a text first thing in their morning telling them ‘good luck’ or ‘have a great day’, or something silly to make them laugh
  • If it’s raining out, stop and give somebody a lift – MAKE SURE THEY’RE NOT PSYCHOS FIRST!
  • Only offer positive, constructive feedback if it hasn’t been asked for
  • Following on from the previous one, ask somebody for their advice. People love to feel as though their words are valued
  • Give blood

4 thoughts on “A moment of selfishness can make you more selfless

  1. On the outside, things seem fine at my fine mansion but if people only knew what sometimes happens they would be shocked! So yeah, I think everyone goes through this…Well, except for the top WCT surfers. Ha ha!

    If it will make you feel better, surfing has been few and far between for me lately due to some issues. The pattern also seems to be like this…When it is all time (like today in fact…biggest clean day in a year or so); I miss it due to things such as jury duty. When it is small and below average…my schedule magically seems to clear out and I can take to the sub-par sea.

    I just tell myself that I have lived a life that most could not imagine. So to miss some days will not kill me. Countless others have missed out on far more than I ever did through the years.

    Keep the chin up and I will as well!

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