What’s my training like?

I probably don’t work-out enough. I do a lot of work-outs but I don’t manage to work-out every single day like a lot of fitness junkies do. I only manage a run twice a week. Sure, I try to surf 3-4 times a week and walk every day but as far as intensity, I probably don’t push myself enough.

I thought I’d share what I usually do in my work-outs (and share a timetable of goals to work-out every day). I usually get my week’s worth of work-outs into one huge session, which isn’t working for my body as I’m increasing the intensity and difficulties. I’ve got a grade 2 hamstring injury at the moment. (Yaaay…(!)) Walking is an interesting shuffle slash stick-stuck-up-butt style but it should be better (this is almost the second week…) soon.

SO don’t do all my work-outs in one day like I do. But hey, it’s impressive to me that I have the strength and endurance to work-out for three and a half hours…

Main workout (try to do every second day)

60 knee raises
20 lunges
30 under the fences
10 squats (on a balance board)
24 side lunges
1 minute of hamstring curls
10 bridges (hold each one for ten seconds)
30 mountain climbers
12 crunches

Waist workout (once a week)

24 windmills
20 bicycle criss-crosses
30 second plank
20 second side-planks (do both sides)
30 scorpion twists
20 Russian twists (with 4kg kettlebell)
8 abdominal reaches

Booty workout (x2 a week)

20 stiff-legged dead lifts
2x low-as-you-can-go lunches (hold for ten seconds, then bounce 20 lunges)
20 side-leg raise squats
20 crossover kicks
30 fire hydrants
20 clams
16 booty blasters
16 knee-bend to sides
16 donkey kicks
16 knee-bend hip openers

Legs workout (x2 a week)

30 triple-leg raises
24 one-legged calf squats (on balance board)
15 plié squats
30 outer-thigh leg lifts
20 inner-thigh leg lifts
20 Arabesques
8 thigh stretches (hold for ten seconds)
16 Barre squats

Arms workout (a super quick one that I’d like to get done 4x a week)

24 windmills
6 hip heist pushups
10 pushups
32 bicep arm circles
30 tricep swings
30 kickbacks with twists
6 get-up planks with 4kg kettlebell
30 split-squat rotations
20 opposite arm and leg lifts
20 bicep curls with alternating lunge

Abs workout (do with waist workout)

3 abdominal holds (hold for five seconds)
12 side crunches
10 The Hundreds (hold for ten seconds)
30 opposite arm and leg raises
30 second plank
18 squat thrusts with twists
20 climb-ups (using resistance band)
12 ballet twists
10 single-leg stretches
8 Cobras (yoga)

Back workout (1x a week)

15 T raises
20 single-arm dumbbell rows
10 delt raises
8 pull-ups
16 planks with lateral arm raises
5 push up holds (hold in the up position for five seconds)

I also try to do yoga once a week and swim once a week. I ride my horse six days a week (despite the hamstring). I’m looking forward to getting back into the surf so I can write about my surf adventures!


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