Goals are important to me because they keep me going. I tend to get hung up over a number on the scale, but that’s the eating disordered part of me. There are other parts of me that want and strive for other things that are non-weight/scale victories. I was inspired by Facebooker Bel to write this post. She has many goals: you can check them out here.

#1 Become a good surfer (this one is pretty obvious since I have dedicated my blog to it hehe).

#2 To get over my fear of the gym (to know that I can walk in there without being judged). I’m sure I could probably do this now but I’m still not at the fitness level I want to be.

#3 Have an athletic or fitness body fat percentage. Right now I’m sitting at average 24.7%…and it bugs me…a lot, for no real reason other than I want to be fit and athletic.

#4 To run further than 2 kilometres and eventually be able to do a charity run.

#5 Learn more yoga so I am more flexible.

#6 To overcome my fear of big waves.

#7 To one day not even worrying about what the scale says, or if I can or can’t eat something. One day I will eat like a “normal person”.

Those are some non-weight goals – more directed at health and fitness (and surfing of course). I’d love to hear some of your non-weight goals. Happy surfing x


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