Stoke, I adore you

I like to have stiff, salty hair. I like my arms to feel like wet noodles. I like my toes to be numb and my hipbones bruised. I adore the scent of surf wax and neoprene wafting in my car. I don’t mind that my car is a sand pit.

I love that I have salty grime on my windscreen.

I love that my back aches from all those arches. I like that my eyelashes bat salt into my eyes, and my lips taste like the sea.

I can’t imagine life without flip flops, thongs, rubber slippers – whatever you call them in your part of the world.

I enjoy that buzz. I enjoy that feeling. I enjoy that memory.

It is peace.

I adore the sun. I adore the sky.

But most of all…I am in love with the stoke.


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