Push it; push it good

Challenging yourself is a lot fun. I like to always try new things and see how I can incorporate new activities into my work-outs so that my body doesn’t just become ho-hum with whatever we’re doing…or I’m doing…Pardon the disassociation between body and self. (I am working on it, I promise.)

How many surfers have tried yoga? I started it a few weeks ago and it’s pretty darn awesome. I thought I would be terrible at it but it seems that something has already helped me establish a good sense of balance and a strong core…Hmmm, I wonder what that could be…?

I used to hate running. I could run a kilometre but then would end up coughing and tasting blood, barely able to breathe. I kept at it though. I now enjoy my runs. I was running with a friend for a while but stopped when I got sick. I’m working on getting my fitness back up to the level he had it at so I can get back into running with him. I’ve found a neat little way to help push my cardiovascular fitness as well as making my muscles work a bit harder too.

High knees. Running sideways. Running backwards. On the beach.

Give it a go.

Challenge yourself in as many ways as you can because the moment it stops being a challenge, your body isn’t reaping the rewards!


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