Going green

Green leafy vegetables are a vital part of our diets for vitamins, calcium, iron and fibre – but sometimes they’re a little bit too easy to “leaf” out of our daily intakes. Nutritionists say that our diets should be 50% green, leafy vegetables. But with the addictive breads and the other filling carbohydrates dominating our refrigerators it’s easy to reach for the grains (or unhealthy alternatives) when you’re on the go and ravenously hungry. You know when you come back from a surf and you are starving – those spinach leaves just aren’t going to cut it.

But they will. Per calorie (measure of energy being burned), spinach has more protein than beef. (You just have to eat a lot of spinach!)

A great way to include more leafy greens in your diet without sacrificing your taste buds (if you don’t like greens, that is; I personally love them), why not try a green smoothie?

Try a green smoothie once or twice a week to start. Have it for lunch or breakfast, or even an afternoon snack if you want. It’s a great way to incorporate all those brilliant nutrients and vitamins we need to function healthily.

Try this recipe:

1/2 cup baby spinach
1/3 cup green kale (rip it up and try not to include the thick stems if you don’t have a super awesome blender)
1/4 a celery stalk (chopped)
1/2 a green apple (cored and chopped)
1/2 a green pear (cored and chopped)
1 banana (cut into sixths or so)
A sprinkle of ground cinnamon
1 cup water

Put it all in the blender and blend for about 2 minutes. It should be bright green with some darker green specks.

This is a sweet(ish) adaptation of a kale smoothie and it make you feel fantastic. Plus, it helps to get in those leafy greens that you ordinarily might not get enough of. Plus, it’s already approximately three servings of your five-a-day of fruit. Your body will thank you for going green.


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