Running fitness is (yet again) spoiled…

I’ve been sentenced to time out of the water again, this time with a bad case of sinusitis. Snorting in nostril-fuls of icy water probably isn’t a wise idea but I really miss being in the ocean. It’s been a week and I’m going a little crazy.

My face feels like it’s been slapped by a dolphin and my chest feels like my horse has sat on it!

I was getting really good at my breathing with running a couple of times a week, so I’m so disappointed that (yet again) my running fitness has been spoiled. It’s taken me a week to feel up to sit up at my computer and type this. I’m hoping it’s a sign I am on the mend. I admit that I pushed myself a little too hard. I was exercising through the initial stages and now my body is weak and fighting against me.

What are some ways you can suggest to maintain fitness even though breathing is a little difficult? I’ve been doing V sit-ups and squats, but the only running I’ve been doing is to the toilet to paint the restroom in vomit. (Sorry for that image by the way…) I had a hell of a fever for a few days and it made me rather ill.

Are there any tips or home remedies you know of that I can use to get better quicker so I can back into the water?


2 thoughts on “Running fitness is (yet again) spoiled…

  1. Probably not the advice you were after but I have always been a strong advocater for listening to your body and giving yourself time to rest and recover as you don’t want to make things worse by pushing it. It’s frustrating I know – I spent 6 months away from exercise due to a shoulder injury and have only just returned to a full routine. Your body has a way of letting you know when it’s time to return to physical activity.

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