The way it hurts is like a smother.

You’re trying hard to want to breathe but it’s instinct to draw.

The way it passes is like a semi-trailer

when you’re stranded on the side of the road on your own.

Your heart is what buffers the impact

but it keeps beating too hard to remind you that you can’t breathe.


One foot on the line, you could make the other.

Toss. And throw. Toss. And throw.

You’re in the middle and all you can do is look down.


You hear a chandelier smash against rocks and you look up.

Your heart stops just long enough to relent on your lungs.

You’re out there, not in here.

You’re being rained on by shards of liquid glass,

you’re being renewed by diamonds of salt.


It’s all relative.

You’re out there while you’re in here.

It doesn’t really matter because the shards and diamonds…

are here <3.


2 thoughts on “Mirror

    • I’m glad; thank you :).
      Sometimes I worry because I tend to purge with my emotions onto a keyboard and hit publish before editing. However, I think it’s more beneficial for people to see the real me before I try and edit and censor my words. Thank you for reading!

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