I’m not dying of hyponatremia or lacking essential “minerals”

The rain comes down in sheets of silver and I don’t mind. I’m already wet.

The cold bites me and steals my breath and I don’t mind much. It’s just a price to pay for a good time.

The salt steals my vision and stings my skin like poison and I mind quite a bit. It’s not much fun being blinded.

It bothered me that I seemed to have absolutely no resilience against the saltiness of the water. In summer, I could dive below and look around at the ocean playground without ever having a twinge in the eye.

Now, however, the first bit of spray to hit me from a wave I pass over has my eyes feeling as though I’ve rubbed a chili into them! So I decided to do a little research. Surely I wasn’t just being silly.

It turns out that the salinity in cold water is more concentrated at the surface. In warmer climates (with the movement of the ocean), the salinity is more concentrated beneath the surface. Isn’t it interesting that the salt amount does not increase or decrease – it just concentrates nearer the surface or beneath it?

So I can look forward to the warmer weather not only for the lack of 140 km/h Antarctic winds and having a numb face in 8 degree water but I will be able to surf longer than an hour because my eyes won’t be stinging so much I can’t see!

I hope all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying their summer surfing. Please just think of me here at the bottom of the Earth…squinting and feeling my way through the line-up…


4 thoughts on “I’m not dying of hyponatremia or lacking essential “minerals”

  1. Thinking of you this Pacific Northwest morning… After the laundry and dishes are done… it’s off to paddle… BTW… that stinging feeling… its a reminder that you are living large… That’s a good thing… You don’t feel these things while sitting on the sofa… So let it Hurt so Good…

  2. You cannot live without a wetsuit! Haha. I’m struggling to make do with a 3/2 in the dead of a cold winter.
    After I posted this topic, there was a couple on talkback radio calling up to ask why cold water seemed so much saltier and the host couldn’t answer them! If only they’d found my blog – they’d have the answer. Hmm. I might need to get the word out there.

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