Lights, camera, action

I received my HD Action camera this morning (yay). I’ll be able to document my surfing journey a lot more now so stay tuned.

I also saved about four hundred dollars by getting a non-GoPro brand. I got the camera and surfboard mount, two batteries, microSD card and a waterproof case for less than two hundred dollars, which is a heck of a saving considering GoPro cameras are five hundred dollars without any accessories (so it would have cost me about six/seven hundred dollars). Definitely take the time to shop around for a bargain!


8 thoughts on “Lights, camera, action

  1. I’m curious about what you got and eventually how you like it. I’m still looking for a GoPro alternative… Right now I’m making due with my IPhone and a waterproof case …

  2. I recently bought a non go-pro and it’s fantastic. It’s so useful for being able to see foot placement on the board and watch my paddling technique. It’s also great for capturing happy memories of myself trips x

      • It’s a Contour Roam. Does what I needed to and a fraction of the cost of a go-pro. There seems to be a lot more go-pro equivalents coming onto the market now. Have fun with yours! Look forward to seeing some footage! 🙂

      • How much was it? I’m so glad cheaper alternatives are being released. GoPro is fantastic but ridiculously expensive here in Australia. A brand spanking new surfboard is cheaper than the camera ALONE.
        I can’t wait to get it out and check out some footage. I’ll be posting it to my Youtube account and Instagram for sure!

      • I managed to get a new unused one from eBay for £110. Yes go-pro are really pricy in the UK too. I know a lot of people swear by them but if u are not keen on the hefty price tag….Yes absolutely you could get a surfboard for the same price and I know what I would prefer!

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