Hate mail and cyberbullying

Awww how sweet. I received my first hate mail.

I “am a damn ugly ignorant bitch”.

I messaged back but the perpetrator doesn’t seem to want to play with my intellect and big words.

I wonder what prompted his message. It has oddly cheered me up. I suddenly feel very attractive, intelligent and open-minded. Thank you rude stranger who obviously felt such a kneejerk reaction to my profile picture on Facebook to tell me that I am ugly.

I press “publish” with an amused smirk on my face. Defending myself just reminds me of the qualities I have that people like that do not. I am pretty cool compared to people like that. Teeheehee.


12 thoughts on “Hate mail and cyberbullying

  1. That is pretty special.

    I wonder what a person like that gets out of the experience anyway? It is kind of odd to attack a stranger that you know nothing about. Maybe it is because of your overly aggressive posts about surfing and how you bully people! Ha ha!

    Well, the world is made up of all kinds of a people and some have to be simple.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I wouldn’t have given this clown any time other than pressing “delete” on the Facebook comment, certainly not any space on your blog. Whoever it was, man or woman, they’re an idiot… you’re extremely articulate, an awesome writer, very attractive, and passionate about surfing. Just so that you don’t get too big a head though… your addiction to oversized knitted beanie hats and horses is a little weird :p

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