Surfer hair is not so sexy

If there’s one thing I wish I could have regarding my body and appearance, body shape and weight aside, it would be nice hair.

My hair is naturally pretty wavy *ahem kinky and tangled ahem*. When you think of a surfer girl, let me guess, you’re like me and you visualise these examples: click here.

You don’t visualise this: click here.

I’d like to know how to look after my hair. Surfing almost every day has made me wish I could say “what-the-heck screw needing to look responsible for that teaching gig” and growing dreadlocks because after each surf, I’m pretty set-up for those babies!

I’ve tried plaiting my hair – the knots are worse. I’ve tried pony tails – my hair gets clumped together in one big knot. I’ve tried a bun – I couldn’t get my hair undone for three days! I tried wearing it out – helps with the no-knots but tends to get in my face so I can’t see where I’m going (not cool).

Do you know any hair care tips that I could try?


11 thoughts on “Surfer hair is not so sexy

  1. Have you tried Morroccan / Argan Oil? It really helps with the tangles. You could also try coconut oil – a lot of the female surfers here in the UK that I have spoken to think its fantastic. I really like your hair by the way – it looks lovely and thick. Mine is very fine and doesn’t hold waves very easily.

      • Hahaha. Call me a hypocrite, but I like my hair enough to know I want to keep it. I would be very cold out there in the water without it. Especially now that our weather is 9 degrees with a sub zero wind hitting over 100 km/h…*eye twitch*

      • The very reason I wear an insulated beanie under my helmet. But… I agree with you… Keep the hair, tangled mess that it may be. You’ve earned the right to wear that wave tossed hair without judgement from others! Heck you could save money simply by telling yourself that you are going to have your hair done every time you surf!

    • I am so desperate that I just bought all three products haha.
      Thanks for the compliment on my hair. It’s not something I get complimented for (ever). It’s usually ‘brush your hair’ or ‘jeez you need a hair cut’ or ‘you look like a slob’. It’s not “thick” but I have “a lot of it” whatever that means in hairdresser terms. I walk into a salon and their faces fall despite the humongous dollar signs I see in their eyes. “I’d like a trim please,” says I. They reply, “Ninety-nine dollars.” It’s a nightmare.

  2. Hey girlie, I too am desperately scraping the internet for tips on untangling the chaos that is my hair after surfing! I have tried all of your m ethods to no avail! I will say, I use MoroccanOil product, I put the il/serum in my hair BEFORE I paddle out and then braid it. It’s the best solution so fat, but I still end up with huge knots and lost tons of hair impatiently brushing it out haha. Any luck? You DO have gorgeous hair btw. We are our own worst critic.

    • BRAIDING aaargh. I tried that! It made the knots a billion times WORSE. Throw that system out the window!
      I usually surf with my hair out, or just in a high ponytail. I very rarely rinse the salt out of my hair immediately after a surf. I surf. I come home. I let it dry (yes, ew). Then I jump in the shower and wash it with Argan oil of Morrocco shampoo and conditioner. I towel-dry it and then use the serum (a tiny amount). Then I just let it dry naturally and I don’t brush it until the next morning or until it’s completely dry. Hope that helps!

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