Why mid-week surfs are great

The middle of the week is one of my favourite times to go. Here are five reasons why:

  • You feel hard-core.
  • There’s less people out. If you’re lucky, you might even have the entire break to yourself!
  • It makes the beginning and ending of your week so much better.
  • By Friday you’re not withdrawing so much.
  • Extra surfs mean extra practice = you get better and better.

Of course, having the time to go for a surf during the week makes all the difference. Here’s to hoping you can get some time and enjoy a perky peak in the middle of the week!


8 thoughts on “Why mid-week surfs are great

      • A Whale! How cool! I got to see some dolphins gallivanting about in the river, but that was from the train on my way to work : / I wanted to ask what you meant when you said “By Friday you’re not withdrawing so much” ?

      • When I’m not on mid-semester break from uni, I can usually only surf on the weekends, so by Friday I’m feeling really stressed and wound up – needing a good surf session. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

      • ahhhh, nah, makes sense. Just wasn’t sure if you meant withdrawing socially, or that you were surfing more so taking off on waves that you might normally pull off of.

  1. Thanks! Planning on it! 26 year anniversary today and headed to the beach to collect rocks for the garden then off to paddle a quite lake. Liked your encouraging thoughts!

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