One day


One day I will live a block away from the ocean

When the timing is right and the winds are light

One day I won’t be dragged down by such negative emotions

The traffic will be gone and my smile will be wide


One day I’ll catch every wave that comes by

I’ll be at the beach every single day

One day I won’t be constrained by time

I’ll be surfing those waves or floating in the bay


One day the sun will shine most days

The sunsets will be long

The sunrises warm

The smell of salt will wake me from my daze


One day will come

One day will come


12 thoughts on “One day

  1. To Dream and then Do… You are starting on that journey. Learning to Surf…. Getting that job that will help you afford that house by the beach…Before you know it your hard work will be rewarded… And while you are working towards that dream… Just keep smiling because you are getting closer to it becoming reality. Thanks for sharing your dream…

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