Surfing on a lake?

After my surf last weekend, my partner announced he wanted to go to the lake and float his RC boat (it’s cooler than it sounds). I said, ‘I’ll come. I’ll bring my board and work on my paddling.’

His reply, ‘Good idea. I’ll bring an oar too so you can see if you can do that paddle thing you want to try.’ (SUP)

Image Image

Have you ever tried to SUP on a surfboard? Not easy. I had some success, however, on my knees.



Oops. Kind of.

It was a fun afternoon anyway. Just being in the water makes me happy, and I did get to do a pretty solid practice session for my paddling. My arms were aching like crazy! The only thing that is different about surfing a shortboard now is that I’ve had to paddle harder to get into waves (my Mal catches small waves a lot easier so requires less paddling). My arms were sore from two days of surfing with my shortboard.


So, no, you can’t surf on a lake…but you can still practise!


11 thoughts on “Surfing on a lake?

  1. HA!… I love your spirit of “Giving it a Try”… From the looks of things… you didn’t have too much competition out there on the lake so that make you that much more Awesome!. I remember missing downhill telemark skiing so much that I once took my old skis out to the sand dunes to see if I could ski down them. Spit, Spat, Ptooey… That sport has not caught on yet…. 🙂

    • Oh I love sand dunes! My brother, his friends and I would take cardboard boxes, flatten them and then try “surfing” down the sand dunes only to eat dirt or land in prickly bushes! Hilarious! Good times!

      • I can so relate to that as well. I don’t think I have ever given up on that kind of play… And it looks like by your surfing progression you are still playing hard as well… Cheers from the Oregon Coast….

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