5 Hawaiians I love

5. Hanauma Bay (Oahu), beautiful even when it’s cloudy weather


The snorkelling is next to unbeatable. Try and get here for the off-season though, because unfortunately its awesomeness is no secret!

4. Sunset Beach & Banzai Pipeline (Oahu), because every surfer needs to go here.


It’s like the Holy land for us surfers. You can watch those barrels for hours. However, always check with a lifeguard or even just a local. The currents and the swell are crazy strong!

3. Keahou (Hawaii), if you love sea turtles.


I think Keahou is a little understated. It doesn’t get the tourism aloha like the other places like Hilo get. It’s because of this that I love it even more. The locals are the vein of the islands. They make the islands special for haoles like myself. I miss the locals just as much as I miss the place and the atmosphere. Also, this beach has some awesome snorkelling (beware the trigger fish – they’re a bit sadistic this side of the island) and if you love sea turtles, you’re in heaven. Seriously. In. Heaven! This beach sees more honus than Turtle Bay on Oahu.

4. Poipu Kai (Kauai), tropical surrealism personified


Kauai is my favourite Hawaiian island. It’s called the Garden Isle and I reckon it’s an apt name. The whole island has that “island time” feel that you don’t get on the other islands. Everything is fresh and there is an abundance of wildlife (chickens) and produce (coconuts and amazing fruit). The ocean is everywhere you look and with its one-way roads and bridges, Kauai feels so much like home you’ll never want to leave.

5. Ka’anapali Beach (Maui), for your tourist pleasure


This beach had everything. A shopping strip, a strip of resorts, boat cruises, hiking, snorkelling, kayaking, whale watching and stand-up paddle boarding. It’s the resort life with the beauty and peacefulness of Hawaii. It’s a good place to get married. It’s a beautiful place full-stop. If you’re feeling like a little trip to Hawaii, don’t go past Maui for the vacation-feel of Ka’anapali.


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11 thoughts on “5 Hawaiians I love

  1. A friend told me about a place here owned by some residents that serves up local food and plate lunch. So I went and was in heaven!

    Its funny. Within seconds of speaking with the owner, we were both just carrying on in pidgin. I haven’t spoken pidgin in a long time and it was great to be like I was back home.

    As for me…I love the West Side of Oahu. What great things come from there? Keanu Asing who almost won the Saquerema Pro today. Rell Sun and Sunny Garcia. Best of all…Me!!!

  2. I’ve been to Hanauma Bay, it was magical. I didn’t want to get out of the water (but then again, I never want to get out of any body of water!) and I’d love to go back 🙂

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