Wax on; wax off


I gave my Mal a bit of love early this morning. I felt a little bad that I’ve got another surfboard now so I won’t be using it as much. It’s a surfboard. I don’t think its feelings can be hurt (haha) but I felt guilty nonetheless. This board has taken me from complete utter kook to the type of surfer that is able to transition straight down to a 6’4″ and surf competently – for a beginner anyway.

So I shed my board’s “skin” off and had a lot of fun doing it. My cat Nahna Banana (aka Nala), curious as a…well…cat, came over and inspected my work, walked over the board and took some sticky wax back inside the house with her. Watching her try and kick the wax free was entertaining! I think she was just checking out the Banana Surf Wax I was using. They do, after all, almost share a name.

It was brilliant once all the wax was removed from my board. It’s a beautiful turquoise colour and it really stands out without all that wax. Chucked on a new coat of Banana Wax and now we’re ready to go for a surf tomorrow morning. We’re all prepped for a cruisy Sunday surf now!


4 thoughts on “Wax on; wax off

  1. Looks great! I De-waxed my board a few weeks ago and it looked brand new. It will almost be a shame to put wax back on it!

      • thats a good point about leaving it to wax the board up fully on the day of going surfing! I will try and do it before I go. I haven’t been surfing for about 6 weeks now. Its been a bad time recently, my dad passed away very suddenly 3 weeks ago. Im hoping to surf at the end of this week…i really do need it!

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