Meet Boardette


I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of my family aka quiver.

Meet Boardette, a 6’4″, 20 3/4 inch, NSP funboard or “surf betty”.


Picked her up on Friday night.



Surfed her first thing Saturday morning.



I can feel my confidence growing with this board already. Stoked!


9 thoughts on “Meet Boardette

  1. Love your new board! What size was your previous board and how did you find the transition coming down in board size? I would love eventually to come down in board size but need to master my mini-mal first!

    • My Mal is 7’6″. I found the transition really easy, to be honest, which is exactly what everybody tells you it isn’t! I went straight from 7’6″ to the 6’4″ and managed to surf it first pop-up, first wave. I had about 2 wipeouts in 6ft+ surf because I got stuck at the lip and went over the falls (aaaargh). The best trick I realised was to reach with my arms and tickle the nose: if I could do that, I was in the right spot on the board. I was nosediving too much on my Mal and I really felt like it was holding me back. It’s an individual transition I believe. Some people struggle to drop more than 4 inches at a time, but I just dropped a foot and 2 inches with no issue.

    • Thank you Jessica. I will get down to that in a few days. I may have to think hard about 5 places. I would have to do different Hawaiian islands instead of different countries. I’m not well-travelled (yet).

      • Oh that’s a great idea. I want to learn more about the other Hawaiian islands and I would love to hear about them from your perspective as we love similar things when we travel.

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