Goals for mid-semester break

I’m looking forward to mid-semester break. I’ll have time to feel like myself again and really focus on the good things in my life without the constant stress and pressure of deadlines and due dates.


1. Finish the overhaul of Saving Sanne. It needs to be sent to the publisher already! This has got to be the fourth draft. One day I will have it perfect…or I’ll get so sick of re-writing it that I will actually submit it.

2. Try and set records for binge-free days. My record is 12 days, though I was only eating between 50 – 300 calories a day so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count because that would be the “Anorexic tendencies” I’m prone to. Unfortunately, my binge-free streak currently stands at 0; this means that my eating disorder is controlling me, not the other way around. Not cool.

3. Ride my horse (weather pending; thank you very much Melbourne winter) 5 times a week.

4. SURF (Of course!) 3 times a week at various surf breaks.

I’ll keep this blog updated on my goals and I’ll share how I’m going. No matter how sore, no matter how tired, no matter how SCARED: I will achieve some of these goals.


7 thoughts on “Goals for mid-semester break

  1. Perception is a pretty interesting concept. Some people appear to have the perfect life but behind the curtains so to speak; things are a mess. You just never know what a person is going through.

    With #2, I have no idea what the measures and numbers are. But I can say this…I saw the side by side photo that you posted and you have made an incredible change. So you should really think about what you are trying to achieve. I would imagine balance and control. Just be realistic with your goals. We all eat a fair bit of food. I would ensure it is clean food. Life in the modern society.

    Writing is terrible. I have been trying to write something for a long time now and have not made it very far. For now, I will be Mr. Blogger I guess!

    Looking forward to how you tackle the surf on your new board!

    • I was diagnosed with B.E.D after my cat passed away. I just wasn’t coping. I put on a lot of weight and hated myself enough to starve myself. Unfortunate turn of events. Surfing has really helped me combat my eating disorder, depression and anxiety. My bad days are still bad, yes, but surfing invigorates me and keeps thoughts of suicide away. I’m a typical artist I think – tortured mentally. I try and keep a perspective on things. I have a great life. My eating disorder bothers me a bit but it could always be worse. I’ve been diagnosed as a Bulimic now, because I fast or restrict heavily after binging. No, I don’t throw up, but apparently you don’t need to. I’m still finding my feet with the whole thing. It feels odd to BE a crackpot about food but as long as I can surf I know I’ll manage okay. 🙂

      • I learned something about Bulimia. Well, as you stated, you have a lot of positive things and you have made a lot of positive changes in your life. I understand that with depression; it is difficult to just make yourself feel happy even if to someone else it would seem that things are not so bad.

        And speaking of happy, I am stoked for you that your board turned out great! That was a major drop in size but sometimes minus the extra foam; you see how much easier it can be. Even duck diving!

        Keep at it! What you put in with effort will pay off in other ways.

        Have a great weekend!

      • Thank you.
        I also learned something about Bulimia. When the doctor told me I tilted my head and said, ‘How can that be when I’ve never made myself vomit?’
        The new board has actually shown me that I was probably a bit silly to get something so big as my first board. I’m one of those people that surf better on the shortboard. Longboarding is an art! I saw my coach at the beach at Saturday and was having a chat to him about it. He said it was working really well for me.
        I haven’t learned to duck dive yet. I’m glad I have a pool for that! It could be a bit tricky with a board with so much volume but if I can nail it with a volume-high board, I should be an expert at it with the itty-bitty boards!
        It turns on the slightest nudge and DOES NOT NOSEDIVE (unless I’m too far forward; but then mostly it’s just me sliding forward off the board rather than a digging-in-nose acting like a catapult)! I get into waves a lot faster – unless they’re too small. Nothing a bit more paddling won’t fix!

  2. I had no idea about your eating disorder. I think you are remarkable and incredibly brave to share it on your blog – so many people out there hide things and cant talk about stuff like illness, death. I think by sharing and talking about it, you are not letting it own you..if that makes sense? What you have achieved with your surfing and your fitness is amazing and I love reading your blog posts. Keep it up!!

    • Thank you so much. That means a lot. I struggled with starving myself and body dismorphia while I had BED. I got a surfboard to take a more positive approach to life. It works most days. Since I lost a lot of weight, the diagnosis has changed to Bulimia Nervosa, which I’m not sure I feel about. BED felt right but Bulimia has so many negative connotations that I’ve been less open about that diagnosis in fear of people thinking that I throw up (which I don’t). I’m just trying to find a healthy balance and hoping to love my body more and more every day.

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