There once was a chick that REALLY needed a surf sesh


I had a productive day delivering lessons to my students today. I felt (for the first time in a long time) that I could breathe through the thick fog of the to-do list, and the light at the end of the tunnels known as all-nighters was approaching, and fast.

Then there is this little thing called technology…

Technology is a black hole and the Internet is never-ending hole-in-the-corner-of-the-washing-machine-that-eats-socks. Why do universities insist on merging every one of our crucial assignments to this diverse universe of hungry black holes? Why? (Yes I am aware that black holes are a misconception.)

The university’s email system had a coronary two weeks ago; the day before and of the day an essay was due via email. Great, you say. Wonderful. Teacher understands and tells us to email it as soon as the system is back up, which does happen within 36 hours. So you send in the essay – with two separate email addresses just in case because you like to be prepared and be safe and don’t like receiving anything less for an essay than 90%; perks of being a psychotic perfectionist.

The teacher tells you the following week: yes, I got yours. I’ll mark it today and get it back to you by this afternoon.

Another week passes. You check your email.

Hello, you; it says. Hello, you, I couldn’t mark your essay because I never received it. Please send it immediately.

I check my outbox. Sent. Both emails. Time and date. So where does it all go if she never received it?

I need to surf now…I need to distress. I can’t see through the fog. Technology. Why you hate me I will never understand. What did I ever do to you?

Maybe I’ll do what Rebel Star Bird does and give my board a good solid going-over with the wax comb and wax. Sounds like a good idea to me.


5 thoughts on “There once was a chick that REALLY needed a surf sesh

  1. ohhhhhh, I feel you. I made it out today for a 20 minute bash. It wasn’t the greatest, but it was better than nothing. Hope you get out soon.

  2. I was actually able to get out again yesterday before work. The surf was fairly weak but had good lines…just meant a lot of moving around to keep the speed up. Glad I made it out.

    I mainly took online courses so computer related mishaps were par for the course. I really changed my former habit of procrastination. Too many issues only to find the time limit expiring while you freak out and try to find a way to get your assignment in.

    Bad memories!

    • Ahh it’s all good. She got the essay and marked it; she just forgot about it. She promptly sent me my mark. 92%. Woohoo. Top marks. Love love love.
      I get my new board on Saturday! I can’t wait. I’ll have to fill you in on all the kook wipeouts I take on it.

      • I would imagine the board is shrinking in size. What dimensions are you looking at? As far as the wipeouts go…we all wipe out and get pounded now and then. I am sure you saw some beatings in the Rio contest! All part of the fun I guess.

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