Any Sydney surfers out there?

I need some Sydneyside surfers’ advice and tips on where a good place to surf is. I’ll be near Bondi and Bronte for one day only. Preferably, I’d like to hire a board or – even better – do a private lesson to work on those green wave techniques.

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4 thoughts on “Any Sydney surfers out there?

  1. Yew, looks like I might be too late on this. But Bondi has some board rentals for about $35-40 a day. Has heaps of tourists though and people just learning to surf that tend to drop in. I would recommend doing Cronulla or Manly/Dee Why if you want a better surf beach. Plus, their board rentals are cheaper (Manly is only about $15-20 a day right on the beach). If you do Bondi I’d try and get out early, but some rental places don’t open til 10. Hope that helped/hope I wasn’t too late in responding!

    • Thank you SO much for your response. You’re definitely not too late. I’m going for the 15th of June and the 15th of June only.
      I’ll be arriving in Sydney at 8.25am but don’t have to be at Bronte Beach until 2pm so I thought I’d surf in the meantime. I’ll only have access to public transport, so I’m not sure Cronulla is accessible with my time schedule. Do you know how long it takes to get to Manly via train and bus from the airport?

      • Yeah so from the airport you can take a train to central that’s $16 I think. There are free shuttles from central (bus 555, every 10 minutes) to circular quay where you catch the ferry to manly (I’d guess 1.5 hours total for the whole thing). The ferry is $7 and brings you right to the beach. So a breakdown would be about 15-20 mins for the train, 20-25 on the free shuttle bus, and 30 on the ferry. Bondi is definitely closer to bronte though, so if time doesn’t allow manly maybe just try your luck there! You can take buses or trains there from central as well

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