The closer we are to winter

The closer we get to summer


I am shivering so much I just slopped my coffee over me, and I swear it froze as soon as it touched my body.


I struggle to carry my board because I can’t even feel my fingers.


Summer’s coming. Summer’s coming. Summer’s coming. Summer will come.


4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I am so happy here. We are finally out of the old wetsuit. Warm water makes even poor conditions doable.

    The bad thing is the Great White that is lurking a few miles off shore. This tagging program is awful. I liked it better when I had no clue of their comings and goings!

    Well, have a great weekend!

  2. Where I surf, the best I can hope for is no gloves, boots, hood, and drop down to a 3mm suit. It makes the strangest tan lines… I’ve given up explaining to people why.

    The winter here is not very pleasant but can produce some big, clean sets, so it’s worth persevering. Practising in the cold, crappier conditions helps ensure you nail and enjoy it when the surf is good and the weather is warm.

    Rough with the smooth, etc.

    • You poor thing! Brrr.
      You are absolutely right that practising on crappier waves helps my skills develop. Nothing much like trying to surf close-outs in a howling onshore Antarctic-derived wind! It also helps the crowd problem we have at every single wave here in Australia. Once the weather gets cold, about 99% of them don’t come out and play. Or they wait until noon. I still love my 7am surfs. Most of the time there is only one or two other people out. It’s pure bliss…except for being so cold. I must go and buy some gloves and a set of ear plugs. I’ve had an ear ache the whole two weeks I had off for my toe and I dread Surfer’s Ear.

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