Arms up with a resounding YES!

Go Nikki!

I love being able to wake up in the morning and check the ASP website for updates on the WCT. The Rio Pro is under way and Nikki Van Dijk has won her first round.

You may have figured out in previous posts that I’m really going gung-ho for this young surfer. It’s awesome to see a local on the world stage.



3 thoughts on “Arms up with a resounding YES!

  1. I am pretty happy. Why? Because no things are flipped and the surf contest comes on at some awful time for you Aussies! Now I can wake up in the morning and watch some heats live…yahoo!

    I saw that Nikki won which is great. She has a big future.

    …sadly I think I took her off my fantasy team. Duh.

    • She scored the highest heat score of all of round one. Hehe. It’s strange watching her surf in the WCT. I’m used to seeing her rip it up back home. Hoping she achieves everything she wants and more!

      • That is great! I hope the waves hold up for a few days. Barra is very fickle. I actually liked the dreaded Arpoador better.

        Back to Niki, it is odd to surf with some one and then see them in an event or online. I surf with a few name guys from time to time…Shea and Cory Lopez, Evan and Eric Geiselman, and a few others. One day we are chatting it up and then I am watching them online in a different country. Oh well…it was fun while it lasted.

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