Nikki Van Dijk lost her heat but she won hearts

Nikki Van Dijk lost her heat but she won hearts

Nikki Van Dijk lost her round 4 heat to Carissa Moore at the Rip Curl Pro. Not that she didn’t surf amazingly. She just had one of those days.

She got the surfboard slap of a lifetime and will probably be sporting that black eye for the rest of the WCT and she also fell on rocks and was pummelled by the whitewash. In the interview she gave to the ASP afterwards, I really felt the urge to give her a hug. She’s worked so hard all her life to get where she is now. She still scored a 14.10 – a mightily respectable score (Dimity Stoyle won heat 4 with a score of 11.50).

I don’t envy the pressure that is on the pro surfers’ shoulders. Win. Win. Win. Surf well. Win. Surf well…but win (and also flaunt a Brazilian bikini so we can market you). You can see it all over Alana Blanchard’s face when she surfs in competitions. It pulls her under and she can’t often land a good score.

Sure, Nikki’s a rookie. But this girl is a champion. Mark my words.

She doesn’t even need to win for me to know that.

Go Nikki. You’re making Phillip Island proud.


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