Surfin’ in the rain

The wetsuit sticks to my thighs like glue and I have to shimmy my hips like a professional Tahitian dancer to slither out of the salt-soaked neoprene. Throwing a cautious glance to the gaggle of guys in the car next to me, I expertly extricate the bikini from under my sweater and pull on some shorts. I sit in my car and blast the heater, watching the fog disappear from the windscreen. I think to myself, I’m wetter now than I was in the water!


11 thoughts on “Surfin’ in the rain

  1. Wetsuits are a pain. Have you tried the plastic bag trick? You just put the bag over a certain outer body part (an arm or a leg) and pull the suit down. Eliminates some of the wrestling.

    I once was in Oregon where the water is super cold and my friends were up and paddling out before me. The beach was a ghost town. I had to wear gloves and I could not pull the edge of my sleeve over the glove to seal it.

    I had to wander the beach like a goof until I found some family strolling and then I had to ask them to correct my suit. Terrible.

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