A day with Turquoise Compass

I’ve grown up with the ocean. My grandfather took me out on his boat and we would spot penguins and seals in the water. As a result of my coastal upbringing (though later-in-life surf journey) I feel happiest with the sea. On Tuesday, I got to meet somebody who feels the exact same way. She’s even dedicated her blog to her worldly coastal travels. Enter Jessica from Turquoise Compass. I had the brilliant opportunity to meet this inspiring traveller and show her around my part of the world.


I took her to Arthur’s Seat to show her an expansive view of the sparkling turquoise water of Port Phillip Bay and took her to a few of my surf spots like Gunnamatta and Point Leo.


We almost encountered certain death at Gunnamatta. I had just been telling Jessica I had never seen a snake in the wild (which is quite surprising: a) Australian b) tromps through bush reserves a lot c) practically lives on the beach d) has grown up with horses and on farms). Jessica was astounded. She’d seen four already! So it turns out Turquoise Compass is actually a magnet for snakes because ten minutes after she told me she’d seen four already, she spotted a metre-long tiger snake right beside us. We squealed like the girls we are and quickly ran away…then got brave enough to snap numerous photos of it. They really are amazing animals, scary though they may be.


We went to Flinders, overlooking the surf on the rocks, and went to Cape Schank where the crushing Bass Strait has carved out some spectacular rock formations. “Our own little apostle” on the Mornington Peninsula.


We headed over to the Blairgowrie Back Beach to check out more gorgeous rock formations and more turquoise water. We dug our toes in the coarse sand that glittered like broken glass at Bridgewater Bay.


We finished our little “tour” off at Rye, where the water is so clear you can see the rippled sand and spot fish and dolphins.


It was a great day with Jessica; I am so glad we got the chance to meet. I can’t wait to start travelling and seeing the beauty of the world and surfing at famous breaks.



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