It’s cold again

Summer has abandoned me. Noooooo. Goodbye you little minx. See you again in seven months.

Cold weather means that it’s time to purchase a 4/3 wetsuit. I’m looking at Rip Curl and Roxy, but also really enjoyed surfing in an XCel. I’m leaning more towards Rip Curl though because they are (surprisingly) cheaper and have a zip up the back. I absolutely adore the look of a particular Roxy wetsuit (one pink leg, one silver and black leg: hot) but was dismayed to realise that it’s the ‘over-the-head’ wetsuit. Why? Why Roxy? You’re a women’s brand; why do you want our hair pulled out? I was a bit disappointed because it’s a really pretty wetsuit. Cue girly moment.

Plain old black Rip Curl one it is. At least I won’t stand out for all the wrong reasons (that I am a kook and a priss).

I’m also very seriously considering ear plugs. The water is freezing here. (Okay, maybe not actually Arctic but the water temperature does drop below ten degrees Celsius.) Also, it’s windy. And onshore. My ears hurt. Not good! I do not want to ever experience ‘surfer’s ear’ and it seems that borrowing my boyfriend’s old neoprene hood (very stylish) and wearing ear plugs will be a good place to start. And his booties. Oh ho ho. Won’t I be a sight?

It’s truly showing me that I am actually a dedicated surfer to be willing to go out in winter, and I’m not just a girl wrapped in becoming a ‘surfie chick’ – I am wrapped in becoming a surfer. No bikinis and tropical weather here to flaunt that booty. Just a rubbersuit that makes me look like a Power Ranger. Pew pew!


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