Tough Mudder

I had a great weekend away with close friends. One of my friends decided to enter Tough Mudder and we all went along to support him. Tough Mudder is a 20 kilometre obstacle course that takes about four hours (on average) to complete. Watching the fit people tackle the course really illustrated to me how unfit I really am. I run 3 kilometres and I am done. There were people that were still able to jog by the end. How does one even get that fit? I feel like the more exercise I do, the more exhausted I get. Isn’t exercise supposed to work the other way around?

I am always so fatigued that just going for a walk or a run is difficult. I admire every single person that signs up for obstacle courses, marathons, fun runs and charity walks. I really need to work on my fitness. Surfing is great at keeping me fit but not for getting me super fit.

Chaos reigns this week. I have four university assignments due (all on one day) and I also have a niece arriving in the world on Friday which is astoundingly exciting. But I’ll still try to squeeze in some running or at least walking (surfing is a give-in haha) so I can work on being super fit like all those Tough Mudders. I’d like to say I was inspired to enter for 2015, but if I really wanted to be electrocuted I’d touch my horse’s electric fence for free! And all that mud? That’s winter here in Melbourne if you have an animal kept at grass. I’ll work on being fit enough to walk for 20 kilometres though!


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