Side-effects of insomnia may include manic jogging

I ran this morning. *fist pump*

It was 4.30am and I was lying wide awake in bed. Insomnia is cruel. It always strikes when I have a lot to do at university. So while scrolling through the rubbish that is the Facebook newsfeed, I thought why don’t I just go for a run? It’s dark outside. Nobody will see me and judge me. So I silently slipped out and went for a run.

I was jumping out of my skin at the slightest shadows cast by myself on oversized brick letterboxes and wary of every dark corner and crooked path. I think it helped my heart rate stay elevated. I’d rather be running on the beach than in suburbia but I was wary of the time because I have to leave home at 5.45 to make my 8am class for university.

Of course, there are people out and about at 5 in the morning. You wouldn’t think so but there are. A man shouted at me to ‘get the pace up!’ Thank you monsieur for your jest but I was doing quite fine. I was running. I was being fit. I was prepping for my day ahead. Now I feel ready to face my twelve hour day of classes. Bring it on.


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