Autumn calls for a refreshing adjustment to fitness goals

For a long time my main fitness goal was to be fit enough for surfing. So I exercised like crazy and did countless burpees and (attempted to do) pushups (I’m on a waiting list to have a huge lump cut out from my wrist which pushes against the bone, tendons and ligaments so weight-bearing exercises are almost impossible with that hand).

So I did get fit enough for surfing. So now I surf…and I’m realising that I should probably give myself some new fitness goals because otherwise I don’t exercise very much apart from riding my horse (lazily now because I’ve decided to give up competing and take up liberty riding – no saddle, no bridle), walking, swimming (less and less now that summer’s over) and, of course, surfing.

I wish I could be a runner. I’ve never been a strong runner…or even a weak one at that.  

I wish I could wear work-out clothes without feeling like an absolute twat. (Why do those people wear workout clothes everywhere? I don’t get it.)

I wish I could feel the benefits of working out beyond burning calories and this will help my surfing.

I’ve got super foods coming out of my ears and I take vitamins and eat my greens and have kale smoothies (yuck). My lunch tomorrow consists of lettuce, pepita and sunflower seeds and some acai tea. So this would be the health-kick phase of my recovery. I kind of entered it back in January but my psychologist upset me and shoved me back into the bingeing cycle.

So my fitness goals are now this:

  • Get up at sunrise and walk on the beach (eventually build up to running)
  • Come home from school/work/uni and have a bash on the treadmill (for running mostly)
  • Kidnap my parents’-in-law rowing machine
  • Get back into strength-training exercises

Naturally, I’ll keep this blog updated on my goals.

I’ll check out my fitness level and see how I improve.

On a completely unrelated PS: my head is actually bruised and still sore from Friday’s thumping. Maybe the surfboard-whack-in-the-back-of-the-head is what has popped me out of one cycle into another. Who knows.


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