My spine. Oh dear god, my spine.

My weekend forecast is not filling me with excitement. It’s been over a week since I last surfed and the pounding I took (in my mind as I went over the falls I thought I could break my leg here; luckily I didn’t) has resulted in a back-located niggle that was so intense last Wednesday that I actually got physically ill and had to miss two subjects at uni. The pain relented during the week and I avoided the surf to rest up so I wouldn’t make it worse. Now a week and a half later, the pain has worsened and I can’t even arch my back to do a pop-up on the floor without screaming. My spine. Oh dear god, my spine.

So it looks like my weekend surf will not be happening…again.

I’ve tried Ibruprofen, Nurofen, Paracetamol, Paracetamol Plus and Codeine and Codeine Extra…
I’ve tried Magic Goop and Tiger Ointment, and massages (from an obliging boyfriend; how very sweet), and hot baths and cold baths, walking and resting, stretching, core strengthening exercises and Deep Heat and Voltarin. The pain is only getting worse so I think I have to admit defeat and mosy on off to the doctor for a referral to a spine-cruncher or physiotherapist so I can hurry up and finally get back into the water.

That being said, I think I will head down to Port Phillip Bay and just go for a paddle, just to try and loosen up those muscles sans the jolting of the waves.

Ocean 1

Kook 0


2 thoughts on “My spine. Oh dear god, my spine.

  1. Bummer… I have felt your pain and can relate to your frustration concerning the injury and the concern of how it will affect the things you love to do… Patience… These things do take more time than we want.. for healing to occur… I was out “slogging” on the first of December last year and decided to run through the water… There was a hole that I didn’t see under the surface and fell in the darn thing… It bent me over backwards… Its the first of March now and I am just getting to the point that I can lay back in the kayak to roll without it stabbing me… Time… (Sure, see the Dr, for an scan if your are concerned) but don’t be in too big of a hurry to medicate it. Keep it simple.. Surfing is like life. You have to face the waves and work your way back out to the zone in order to enjoy the freedom of the ride. It takes longer to get where you want to be than the the sweet part. But its all part of the journey. You will ride again… After you “paddle” the breaking waves out to that sweet spot….. Cheers for a positive day…

  2. Told to get back out in the surf! (Taking it easy of course ;.)
    I had fun playing out in the water. The extreme pain has returned again to a niggle so I’m super, super, super relieved that it was nothing serious. I was back to nose-diving (success eludes me) so I stuck in the white water so I wouldn’t aggravate the nerves with heavy dumpings. The conditions today were primo so it was fantastic to be out there in the sunshine on crystal clear water. Summer’s last stand!

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