Took this bird out for a whirl

Took this bird out for a whirl

I was supposed to try out two boards on Tuesday to get a feel for which size and sort of board I could ride when I was ready to step down from my 7’6″ Minimal. The Super Sales Assistant gave me this 6’4″ NSP Surfbetty board to try…and you know what? I loved it!
I jumped on it and paddled straight out through the rip and I felt completely at home on it. I could paddle it quickly and steer it easily – so much easier to paddle and steer than a Minimal, which surprised me because longboards are supposed to be easy to paddle and steer…unless I’m just retarded on a longboard!
This short board actually filled me with enough confidence to tackle unbroken waves that were overhead…yes…overhead, albeit unsuccessfully. But I could stand up on the board in the smaller waves and it felt great.
I think a 6’4″ NSP is a fine board for my height and my technique is only going to keep improving in the meantime so I believe I’ve found an ideal board for me. Another plus is that I can actually carry this sized board – unlike my Mal!
Now to just keep practising those big unbroken waves so I’ll be ready to step down and move onto bigger and bigger waves.


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