Improving slowly

Improving slowly

I thought I’d post this surfing progression rather than my usual weight loss progression pictures (weight loss is evident here anyway).
Top left: BMI of 28.5 (overweight). January 2013. I got a surf lesson voucher for Christmas and this was the first day I ever stood up on a surfboard hurrah.
Top right: BMI of 22.1 (healthy). December 2013. This was my first surf on my first board. I was so nervous but stoked to finally be out in the water on my board.
Above: BMI of 21.0 (healthy). February 2014. I can have controlled rides now and catch unbroken waves (just not the really big ones).
Days when you feel like you’re making no progress, look back on how far you’ve actually come. It will make you appreciate all the improvements, no matter how small.


11 thoughts on “Improving slowly

  1. Love your blog! Surfing has also changed my life in ways I couldnt imagine – it has helped me through some tough times and I now couldnt imagine life without it. I try to keep fit also and I will be following your blog with keen interest for some useful tips 🙂

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