The conundrum of the smaller board

I went to some surf shops this morning to get some professional advice on what kind of board I should step down from a 7’6″. Since this step down is such an individual move, it’s hard to pin point if you don’t know much about the technicalities of width, volume, rocker, shape and brand.

However, I received some pretty consistent information which was reassuring. Unlike the [Internet] “experts”, the “IRL experts” told me that I should probably step down to a 6’10” or 6’9″, preferably with a softer nose to make it more stable. I could easily go from 22″ width to 20-21″ if I’m consistently standing up on the board (check). However, since I am short I could even make do with a 6’8″ because the difference “isn’t that much”.

However, I could go as short (any board shorter than my board is short okay) as 6’4″ on a fun board because, let’s face it, they’re made for beginners. I’ve been surfing for almost three months now; still a beginner but not a complete kook (just a smidgen of one). I’m not looking to step down for a few more months, but I like to plan ahead and know what I’m getting into.

Which leads me to the actual point of this entry!

One particular store was extremely helpful despite me announcing straight away that I wasn’t buying anything (no profit opportunity but still the most welcoming and helpful sales assistant ever – twenty out of ten gold stars to you Miss Claire), and assured me that I could take out a 6’4″ fun board and a 7’0″ board for a demo. She told me to come in on Tuesday and take the 6’4″ out first. So I’ll keep you posted on how I go on my journey down the sizes on my way to eventually getting my second board!


4 thoughts on “The conundrum of the smaller board

  1. Try as many as you can! I’m 6’1 and I ride a 5’10 super brand quadrofinia as my small wave board. It’s just as easy as riding a 7′ depending on the size of the swell.

    • Thanks for commenting.
      I’m hoping to try as many as possible. I would have preferred to gradually go down but the Most Helpful Sales Assistant wants me to try the 6’4″. I have heard of some people finding surfing easier on smaller boards but the consensus seems to be to drop the size gradually. I’ll see how I go. I’m most likely in for some awesome tumbles tomorrow morning haha.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      No I have not tried a fish twin keel. I’ll ask about it. The only boards I’ve ridden are foamies from 9’0″ to 8’0″ and then my Minimal which is 7’6″. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody else that surfs so I have to rely on hiring boards and demo boards to get a feel for what’s what. Thanks for the tip!

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