Happy, healthy and sugar free

Before I really duckdived into surfing, I was a keen novelist. I studied hard at a writing, editing and publishing diploma and made some amazingly talented and genuine people, many of whom I still see regularly (even gone surfing with).

Ahh an Australian writer that surfs. Another Tim Winton. (The world can never have too many gods – oops I’m sorry – Tim Wintons.)

Anyhoo, back on track: one of these lovely talented and genuine people I met was my friend Laura. She has (about time because her campus magazine articles about health and fitness were awesome circa 2012) premiered an amazing new blog about healthy eating and fitness called Happy, Healthy and Sugar Free. You can check it out here at: http://sugarfreehealth.blog.com/

I figured I’d mention it because she is a wonderful young woman and I really enjoy her writing. The context of her blog is also beneficial to those that may like mine.

And Laura, I wish you luck and send lots of praise! 


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