Psychopathic Internet surfers

If you’re like me and you’ve ‘liked’ surfing pages on Facebook, chances are some surf news comes across your newsfeed every now and again. A video piqued my interest earlier today: ‘Horrible Wipeout Caught On GoPro Camera’. Before I ever even click play on videos that have gone viral, I read some comments to see if it’s actually worth watching. In this case, the comments urged me to press play on the sixteen second video of a girl being hit in the head with a surfboard. Ouch.

Accidents happen. We all accept that. Or so I’d hoped!

The comments on this video were nearing on psychopathic. ‘That’s what you get for being a kook’ and ‘that slut deserved it get out if the water kook‘ really jumped out at me.


Really disturbing.

You can see the video on Youtube here:

Decide for yourself if she’s a ‘slut’  and ‘deserved’ to be hit in the head…or if she just made a mistake as beginners (and even experienced surfers) will do. I’m leaning more towards the latter.


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