Tips to change your lifestyle

I have lost 28 kilograms since June 2013. I changed my lifestyle and I chose to pursue my long desire of becoming a “surfie chick”. A lot of people ask me “how are you doing it” and all I can tell them is that I had a dream and I went after it. I don’t go to the gym. I don’t study nutrition. All I do is try to eat well and surf. Luckily eating well and surfing are good for the soul as well as the waistline!

So I’ve decided to post some tips on how to “lose weight”, but please keep in mind that I am not a dietician nor a nutritionist. I am just a girl that has found something that works for her.

So here are my tips.


#1 Get honest about what you’re eating. Keep a food diary and it will show any patterns of triggers or over-eating.

#2 Set realistic, small goals, as well as long- and short-term ones. When you achieve your goals, don’t be afraid to reward yourself with anything you like. Mine was a surfboard.

#3 Accept that you’re going to have bad days as well as good days. I’ve certainly had my share of pizza and chocolate while trying to be healthy but I haven’t given up simply because I move on.

#4 Find an exercise or sport that you love to do and keep at it. I personally cannot stand the gym. I’ve never even set foot inside one because the environment intimidates me. Other people love going to the gym and find it a really effective way to lose weight. My favourite way to stay active is to walk my dog, go surfing, go swimming and ride my horse. You don’t really have to slave away on a treadmill if you don’t want to.

#5 Start the day with whole grains and coffee. Coffee is an appetite suppressor. Have it black with no sweetener. It’ll stop the morning munchies. My breakfast choice is often muesli with no-fat yogurt, or rice bran cereal with some goji berries and a splash of lite milk. If you’re a person that is hungry after breakfast (like I am), go for the rice bran cereal. Sure it won’t taste as awesome as some sugary, fatty junk but you’ll be full until dinner time!

#6 Don’t be afraid to snack on veggies and fruit. Their nutritional value and benefits far outweigh their calorie content. A banana is approximately 90-120 calories. Big deal! They’re a super energy snack so go for it!

#7 At dinner time, make sure half of your plate is vegetables – green vegetables if possible. I love peas, despite them having a high carbohydrate content. I eat a lot of carbs in a day but I still manage to lose weight. Don’t be too afraid of carbs – as long as they’re “good” carbs they won’t make you fat. (“Good” means peas or beans as opposed to white bread and butter; but again, this is what works for me – you may have your bread and butter if you wish.)

#8 Don’t buy into fad diets, crash diets, slimming shakes, meal replacements or any of that BS. You need a program of your own that you can stick with.

#9 Take photos to archive your journey. When you feel like giving up, your progress will remind you how far you’ve come and you’ll become your own inspiration.

#10 Don’t diet. Diets are temporary. Make it a lifestyle change. Do it for your health and happiness instead of the number on the scale.


Hopefully this is helpful.


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